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Friday, March 19, 2010

Downtime.... whats that??

Well im back at home now, after being gone for a month and here is my current schedule. Ive been home for a week, now I leave Monday for a much earned Vacation in Florida.. ohh but I have to work this weeked before I can leave. After florida, Im home for another week then I leave and go to Wisconsin for another Month! I got to ride my motorcycle a total of 15 miles so far and Im not very happy about that...

So the weekend I get back from Florida I have to go to South Bend and build the new engine for my car since I havent had a car in almost 4 months which is a huge pain in the ass..

So hopefully when I get back from Florida I can get the new engine done in time to drive it Wisconsin! Ill add some more things to my blog here shortly, its going to be under construction so I can fix the ugly background that found its way on there! Talk to you soon!

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  1. where are the new posts? Been waiting since you got back from vacay but still nothing :(